Monday, December 10

Before we take a look at the different combinations and the sparrow tattoo meaning associated with each of them, let’s take a look at the simple sparrow tattoo meaning. Basically, a sparrow tattoo is associated with freedom, undying love and commitment to a single person. Loyalty, sacrifice and bonding are some other emotions that are associated with a sparrow tattoo. You would find that all these things are associated with most sparrow tattoos and you need to keep these in mind. Now, apart from these sparrow tattoo meanings, there are some other sparrow tattoo meanings that are associated with different tattoo designs. You would find that a sparrow tattoo that is made on the arm of a person signifies that the person values freedom over everything else. A person with a sparrow tattoo on his arm means that he is bound by no rules, and is the master of his own destiny. This sparrow tattoo meaning is particularly applicable to mafia bosses that have been known to endorse such sparrow tattoos.

Here are some pictures of sparrow tattoos :

 Nice sparrow tattoo on arm
 Lower back twin sparrow tattoo with black ink
 Colorfull sparrow tattoo on neck
 Great arm tattoo of Sparrow with full color ink
 Sparrow tattoo on rib
 Hips placement for sparrow tattoo looks nice
 Tattoo placement idea shoulder sparrow tattoo
 Sparrow tattoo on chest
 Rib sparrow tattoos
Stomach sparrow tattoo, cool placement idea